Customs Union Certificate-EACCustoms Union Certificate-EAC

Certificate of the Customs Union is an official document which shows the product complies with the standards and requirements of Customs Union(Customs Union Certificate-EAC), i.e. the certificate is valid on the territory of the member States of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan).

Declaration for Customs Union-EACDeclaration for Customs Union-EAC

The Declaration of the Customs Union (EAC Declaration) — a document issued in accordance with the common Declaration of conformity of the Customs Union, in which the manufacturer (supplier) of products in accordance with the unified list of products, mandatory assessment (confirmation) in the Customs Union with the issuance of a single document.

ATEX Certificate for Customs Union-EAC-EXATEX Certificate for Customs Union-EAC-EX

 The GOST-R Ex-proof (explosion proof) certificate/ATEX Certificate for Customs Union is granted a certificate to indicate that a product is suitable for use in explosive atmospheres and are provided the information needed to use it safely.

ATEX Certification/EX-proof certification is required for components of the devices, the devices themselves, for equipment and systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres.